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Thelma Fanstone Haffner

Thelma was born in Brazil. She lived in England for three years, where she obtained the Advanced Level in Art at the Brighton College through the University of London. She also obtained the First Proficiency Certificate in English through the University of Cambridge.

Following that time, she spent some time in France. In 1992 she moved to America where she resides today. 



Thelma is a self-motivated artist, writer, musician pianist and composer and is an art teacher for over 13 years in Darien, IL.

Her work is creative and focuses on realistic and imaginary painting, including landscapes, animals and more.

She hopes to implement highly effective instructional art practices to improve student learning on various medias such as oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel, water color, charcoal and drawing. 



She wrote the book The Land Behind the Moon, a fantasy enhanced music theory iBook for music admires and beginners. Her book has won the Dragon Fly Book award on Children’s  writing excellence, coming soon on paper back. Thelma wrote and illustrated her book, as well as composing the music contained in the book. 

"My dreams are one day to be financially wealthy and be able to help numerous poor families who surround many parts of my country, Brazil.

I also wish my Artwork would transmit peace."

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

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