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The land behind the Moon

I’ve prepared this book for people who love the art in music, for all musicians, especially the young ones and beginners, that they may see music with a touch of fantasy and are able to travel on this adventure while learning some of the basics in music theory and the beauty in it.

Throughout the reading of this book have fun and learn even more with the glossary, included for your development of music knowledge. Just click on the musical words! 

Fantasy can never be dismissed from our lives.

It’s the essence of every true dream, the pixie dust that makes our minds fly into a world of

perfect harmony.

Thelma Elisa

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Orff Music for Kids 1

Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd.

A fun, enjoyable and effective method of studying with the aid of musical rhythm! Hong En’s "Orff Music for Children" designed by Orff music education systems, combining rhythm with reading, percussion tapping, musical games, singing, dancing, small musicals, playing Orff instruments and so on.

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You'll love to learn or teach while traveling in this fantastic adventure!

The book is an excellent way for beginners to learn and memorize the basics of music theory.

It plays music and includes play along music sheets of the songs played. The glossary is well detailed to facilitate understanding and to enhance teaching.

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